Showcase Security - Electronic locks for display cabinets, drawers etc.

The BOSSystem lets you trust your costumers among your valuables. No longer do you need to worry about loss prevention 

Safe and easy access to display cabinets and drawers is essential to both working pleasure and sales.

Lock cabinets and drawers by the push of your hand. The alarm prevents unauthorized access and helps sales assistants remember to close the showcase after a customer demonstration.

High security locks are active when you use the BOSSystem for display cabinet security. You need not worry.

Spend your time servicing clients. Isn’t that how sales are made?

Keyless security for electronic locks

Once the system is set and the electronic security locks are mounted, this retail security system does the thinking for you – and nowhere on the market will you find a system that is easier to use.

All BOSSystem modules work via one or several Access Points. You operate the system via KeyCards. Depending on your need, we offer Access Points and keyless security for small and large-scale retail security (up to 5 and up to 12 cabinets pr. module).

Unlocking and locking display cabinets and drawers, configuring KeyCards etc. – handling your whole system has never been easier.

Open display cabinets and drawers by a wave of your KeyCard to the Access Point. This action unlocks all doors secured by the system – but only one can be opened at the time.

As you open the door, all other doors lock automatically. Get the item from that cabinet or drawer. Close the door or drawer again and the BOSSystem locks it automatically.

It’s that easy. Employees won’t be able to make a mistake that compromises security. If staff has a tendency to forget to close display cabinets or drawers, just set the system to remind them – after, say, 1 or 2 minutes!

Let the BOSSystem handle all that should be locked when staff is not around - and very quickly unlocked, too, when a costumer desires to touch and try.

Increase security, ease your access to valuables in display cabinets, drawers etc. and make better sales with the BOSSystem.

Showcase security units




A5L – Showcase security of up to 5 display cabinets and drawers pr. module.

A8 and extension SL12 – Showcase security of up to 12 display cabinets and drawers pr. SL12-module.

Combine the A8 with several SL12 modules to secure the number of showcase cabinets you have in-store. Combine with other A8-extensions to adapt keyless security to your exact needs.

S-locks – Fully electromagnetic locks. Mount on single doors, hanging doors, single or double sliding doors. Install on all types of new or existing drawers and display cabinets.

S-Pins – Upon pushing the glass door or drawer to close, the mechanical iron S-pin enters the S-locks and the system automatically locks the cabinet or drawer.

S-pins come in different configurations depending on the cabinet or drawer that needs to be secured.