Take care of security by the wave of your hand

Simplicity Sets Us Apart

Sit back, close your eyes. Imagine the perfect Retail Security System!

What comes to mind?

Well – Open Merchandise Display is essential to sales.

Watching is great, but hearing, touching and playing with the product – letting your product whisper to all the senses of the potential buyer – is what really sells your goods.

Facilitating display and at the same time saving your products from theft are two features you will find in an exclusive group of Retail Security Systems.

At SensorLine we have taken yet another step. We provide the third feature of ideal Retail Security.

We provide simplicity – ease of use and intuitive operation for sales staff and managers.

Our comparative advantage – The KeyCard Concept

The SensorLine BOSSystem untie your hands and buys you the time to treat your customers right.

Operating your Retail Security System has never been easier and less time consuming. It all comes down to the SensorLine KeyCard Concept providing managers and staff simple and intuitive operation.

User Cards unlock your products one by one

After installing any of our Retail Security solutions, members of your staff are issued User Cards utilized to unlock the secured products – be it jewelry in display cabinets, mobile phones or cameras on their stand.

Simply place the User Card to the touch free RFID Reader. Your jewelry closet unlocks. Place the diamonds on her neck, astonish her – or remove the phone from its stand and replace it with the newer model.

The One Card to rule them all

The Manager holds the Master Card or stores it safely in the back office. It holds the power to configure the User Cards given to employers and sales personnel.

Block Out Card fixes employer mistakes

Let’s say an employer loses his wallet and a User Card goes missing.

Don’t worry – you need not gather all your staff and reconfigure all their User Cards to avoid compromising security.

Lost or stolen User Cards can be individually cancelled by a Block Out Card.

When User Card 22747 is lost, the Manager takes out Block Out Card 22747 from the deposit. She erases the specific possibility to unlock products from your Security System.

Again, you fix the problem simply by the wave of your hand!

Simplicity is a rule

In the SensorLine BOSSystem Product Family, simplicity is a rule.

All tasks concerning Retail Security can be completed with a maximum of three actions from the operator.

We are able to follow this rule due to the unique KeyCard Concept.

Depending on the specific security solution, all actions down to consumers lifting the mobile phone from its stand are closely monitored and saved for analysis by the system.

Simplicity is at the core of our service. Protecting against theft and providing opportunity for touch-and-try-display makes us special. The KeyCard Concept used for simple and intuitive operation makes us unique.

Watch how easy it is to handle the BOSSYSTEM via your RFID Keycard