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Retail Security with IQ
for Devices & Valuables on Display

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Security with elegance

SensorLine generates sales through security. Our integrated security solutions protect your assets, and at the same time give you the power to create superior looking displays.


Usability second to none

Simplicity is a rule in the BOSSystem. All tasks concerning Retail Security can be completed with a maximum of two actions from the user. We are able to follow this rule due to the unique KeyCard Concept.


BOSSystem BCC is an online 24/7 monitoring tool and service solution to analyse your display performance, and take away the headache of live displays, while collecting valuable data on consumer behavior.c

Get to know the BOSSystem™

 The BOSSystem is a wide range of easy-to-use Retail Security modules that meet client needs for display of one to an infinite number of products.

Phone and Tablet Display

The Swans display with hidden cord offers significant consumer experience, performance, display design and ease of use.

Their statute is graceful and simple, as is common to Danish Design; they elevate, enrich the tablets and larger phones on display.

Wiring retracts and is next to invisible. The Swan sensor is placed discretely at the back of the tablet. Tablets are perfectly repositioned every time consumers have held them, due to sufficiently powerful sensor magnets.

You’ll see and feel the quality of the Swans as you view them on your display tables. They are born of the finest materials.

Choose between Swans with a high or a lower neck. Around it a lightning ring allures your attention when handling the BOSSystem and in case of alarm. Change colors of the light to fit the colors of your brand, to show which tablets are currently on sale or to mark a special occasion – e.g. Christmas or Valentine’s Day

Smart Phone Display

Adaptive and expandable solutions – Mobile Phone Retail Security Display Stands

Displaying mobile phones that are powered up and live, allows you to display promotional video, encourage customer interaction with the phone and can help to increase sales!

The RS1 sensor is placed discretely at the back of the phone. Due to sufficiently powerful sensor magnets, phones are perfectly repositioned when consumers put them back after lifting them from the display.

The RS1 Mobile Phone display is easily mounted on your walls – via the RS1 Power recoiler.

The recoiler locks the stand to the back of the wall. It retracts wiring which will no longer interfere with the aesthetics of your presentation.

Cabinets and locked drawer security

Showcase Security – Electronic locks for display cabinets, drawers etc.

The BOSSystem lets you trust your customers among your valuables. No longer do you need to worry about loss prevention

Safe and easy access to display cabinets and drawers is essential to both working pleasure and sales.

Lock cabinets and drawers by the push of your hand. The alarm prevents unauthorized access and helps sales assistants remember to close the showcase after a customer demonstration.

High security locks are active when you use the BOSSystem for display cabinet security. You need not worry.

Spend your time servicing clients. Isn’t that how sales are made?

 RFID Keycard Concept

Security by the wave of your hand

Sit back, close your eyes. Imagine the perfect Retail Security System!

What comes to mind?

Well – Open Merchandise Display is essential to sales.

Watching is great, but hearing, touching and playing with the product – letting your product whisper to all the senses of the potential buyer – is what really sells your goods.

Facilitating display and at the same time saving your products from theft are two features you will find in an exclusive group of Retail Security Systems.

At SensorLine we have taken yet another step. We provide the third feature of ideal Retail Security.

We provide simplicity – ease of use and intuitive operation for sales staff and managers.

Simplicity sets us apart!

The unsurpassed usability of the BOSSystem gives you the time you need to attend to your customers. You no longer need to worry about retail security. Life will be easier, if your are on a mission to make sales.

See for yourself!

Check the short video demonstrations on your left.

About SensorLine


SensorLine is an innovative Retail Security Manufacturer assisting clients in securing products on display.

For 20 years, our main task has been to facilitate the meeting between product and consumer.

The last 10 years we have designed and manufactured our own Display and Security System. The BOSSystem is a wide range of easy-to-use Retail Security modules that meet client needs for display of one to an infinite number of products.

Our job is never security alone. Just as much – we need to be your invisible sales assistant – letting you display the way you want to – paving the way for you to better sales.

What others say about us

Cornel Brüwihler

We have distributed the BOSSystem for nearly 4 years now. Units are delivered on time. We spend very little time  supporting them. Our relationship with SensorLine is unproblematic. We’re very satisfied and have always enjoyed our partnership with the company.

Cornel BrüwihlerPataco, Schweiz
Ben Liu

SensorLine – A great partner of Cantron since 2004, the owner- Mr. Michael Bligaard is a very trustable and easy person to work with, SensorLine develops very innovative and impressive products, as a long them manufacturing partner we are very pleased to have the great honor to share in their success.

Ben LiuCantron, Taiwan
Steve Galant

We have been extremely pleased with the quality, the ease of use of the BOSSystem. They are responsive, commercial, fun to work with and quick.

Steve GalantCompucage, Canada
Ryan Beeton

Their ability to put themselves in their customers shoes sets them apart. They know their market and with out doubt this knowledge SensorLine put in the developing of the BOSSystem. The system is extremely easy to use: in less then 5 minutes you confident with the operation of the system.

Ryan BeetonSecureAtag, South Africa