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Welcome to SensorLine

Organization & Team

SensorLine is situated in beautiful Hørsholm, Denmark – approximately 20 kilometers from the center of Copenhagen. Director Michael Bligaard, who founded the company 20 years ago, works from the Hørsholm office. One thing you should know about Michael – he believes in long-term business relationships! This goes for partners distributing and supporting the BOSSystem. It goes for electric engineers and industrial designers helping to develop the system. It goes for manufacturers producing and quality controlling new modules prior to release. SensorLine is based on partners from all over the world advertising, distributing and supporting the BOSSystem.

Among our partners, you’ll find companies dealing in Security and Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). Partners are interior designers and architects – and companies otherwise servicing and supplying Retail B2B.

Become a Partner

In order to become a partner you need to know what retail needs, what retail struggles with and welcomes in the light of wanting to make a profit.

As partner, you have to allocate resources to store, display and advertise the BOSSystem.

In return, we help you get acquainted with the system. We show you how easy it is to setup – how easy it is to operate. We educate you in the Unique Selling Points making this system best buy on today’s retail security market.

Having built a high-quality system involving a very low cost of ownership and distribution, we have made things easy for our partners.

You’ll spend almost no time supporting the BOSSystem. Feedback leaves no doubt – all our partners distribute the BOSSystem with an easy mind and a beautiful profit.

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